​Michael Horgan was absolutely amazing cleaning, updating and protecting my computer. He came with great recommendations from a friend for his ability, knowledge and trustworthiness. I felt so comfortable working remotely with him as we live a distance apart.
I am a tech illiterate, so I really needed someone to care take of all of my computer needs.

He fixed everything up quickly and with such accuracy and then some to make sure my computer was protected afterward. He was so polite, pleasant and friendly to me and definitely most patient with my lack of skill in even knowing certain things about my own computer. He went way above and beyond. 

He also assured me I could keep in touch with him for any and all questions, which was very new and comforting. I will continue to use him in the future and highly recommend him and his work to anyone who has any computer issues and all of my friends and acquaintances. It was crystal clear to me that he has an innate talent and passion for his work.

~ Florence

My computer was attacked with a really bad virus that wiped out all my files. I called Mike Horgan, and he led me through the entire process of reclaiming my files, which I had all but given up ever getting back. He was efficient, patient, and a Godsend in a really tough situation. Since then, he has helped me regularly with technical problems, such as setting up a complete security system to prevent a recurrence of that problem, and his results have been superb. I could not recommend him more highly. Many thanks, Mike.

~ Ted West

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